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Why do I need Listening?

Understand brand health

Brand health shows you where your brand’s strengths and weaknesses are. Should you focus on getting the word out? Or on improving your reputation? Does improving your reputation means halting controversial marketing campaigns or upgrading your customer service? The numbers behind “brand health” metrics will give you answers to these questions.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors? What are they doing well? What are they doing not so well? How much of the market do they dominate? By tracking and analyzing your competitors, and their relevance to you, you can stay one step ahead and ensure you differentiate yourself from the rest and create or maintain your competitive advantage.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Hunt down and fix experience gaps. As the previous point eludes to, social listening is another stream of feedback that can help you to identify problems with the experience - whether that’s for customers, employees, or the product and brand experience. This might be a 1 to 1 problem like a late delivery, or a more significant, wider issue - such as repetitive product feature issues. Knowing this information in real-time means you can work with the relevant teams and departments in your business to fix these as quickly as possible.

Respond and improve brand health

Some of the best marketing campaigns have used social listening as a key part of their strategy. By listening to your customers, and identifying advocates or critics of the brand, you can listen to what they have to say and use this opportunity to create a conversation and a moment that brings the community together you can drive engagement with customers by providing better support to customers online. By listening, and acting to rectify any issues a customer may come onto social media with, a brand can quickly turn a bad experience into a good one.

Can B2B truly benefit from Listening?

Stay on top of brand and executive mentions

The feedback loop is skewed with surveys and customer interactions. Only those on either end of the love-hate spectrum give you feedback! Learn what buyers actually say about your brand and discover how you can serve them better, through service or product.

Respond to prospects and customers.

You’ve positioned your firm as innovative and customer-centric, then fail to respond to questions and relevant comments on social media — that doesn’t play well. Saying you didn’t see them is no longer a plausible excuse - unless you can rewind to 2014!

Talk the talk that makes them listen

Web and social listening is a great way to discover which hashtags, topics and publications prospective customers and your community tune into. If you’re selling to a specific set of companies and decision-makers you’ll definitely want to monitor their conversations for valuable insights into how to reach and engage them.

Sit on the shoulder of giants

Social listening also helps you identify the thought-leaders, executives, and bloggers that your buyers share and mention the most. Perhaps you could consider partnering with them, to sway opinion. But, how does one do that, without listening?

What makes us the best?

Konnect Insights is built on horizontally scaled big-data technologies that crawls billions of web sources so that you do not miss any conversation on the web. 

Listening is the first step but the important thing is what you do with it! Understand this complex data with meaningful insights with Konnect’s dashboards and Business Intelligence tools powered with AI, ML and NLP. Process the data in an efficient manner irrespective of the volumes or the language used. With advanced tools easily slice and dice data as per your requirement. Listen, Evaluate and Act

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Unmatched coverage

Hashtag tracking

Media Type Analysis

Real Time conversations

Sentiment Analysis

Influencer identification

Classification Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Share of Voice

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We crawl billions of web sources so you don’t miss a single conversation

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Go beyond Listening

Every brand conversation happening on the web and social media is important.
Built on Big-Data technologies Konnect Insights ensures you don’t miss any conversation
Meaningful Insights
Meaningful Insights

Dive deeper into various aspects of your brands' data. Understand your customers better, analyze your competitor and industries, measure your performance and take decisions that positively impact your business

NLP & Machine Learning
NLP & Machine Learning

Understand what customers are sharing with you in the language they want to use. Proactively go deeper into the sentiments of all conversations that you receive and accordingly address those queries and concerns through automation and alerts. Identify and manage crises

Built on Big Data
Built on Big Data

With unmatched coverage, spanning millions of websites and social media conversations, enjoy stability and scalability with real-time data fetching and quick processing of information to give you the necessary insights to enhance your efforts

Why leaders love Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights is incredibly powerful! I have been actively using the platform for some time now and what has impressed me the most is the in-depth reporting from social listening across channels. You can really dig in and gain actionable insights to deepen connection with your followers. The publishing tools are excellent, too.

Todd NilsonPresident at Clocktower Advisors

Konnect Insight's main USP is that it has an amalgamation of four distinct features. It was a blessing in disguise to have accidentally stepped on its website. The smooth UX/UI encourages any onlooker to stay put with the tools. Gaining Insights and generating reports has become effortless, we are happy to have chosen KonnectInsight as our Social Listening Partner.

JithinCountry Feedback Leader at Decathlon

Konnect Insights empowers my client servicing and strategy teams to analyse the impact of the work we do for our clients. The integration of analytics and listening means my team can manage their work efficiently and meet our client expectations.

Sabyasachi MitterMD at Fulcro World

Konnect Insights has been a reliable partner in our social media endeavours. The tool has helped us manage and map our social presence effectively. As a Consumer facing Brand with heavy consumer enagagement, Max Healthcare is very sensitive to the voice of customer. Konnect Insights as a platform has helped us understand it efficiently and helped us reach back to the people to assist them on multiple social platforms. Since last year when we first onboarded them I have seen the tool bring out new features to meet our requirements which are ever evolving and the team is very helpful with training workshops and resolving any issues.

Rohit GahlautAssistant General Manager at Max Healthcare

Konnect Insights is primarily a professional web monitoring tool; but, like a Swiss army knife, it actually includes a few other full-fledged services as well:Social CRM tool: workflow and response management features; Analytics: brand, competition, and industry analysis; Social scheduling: easily schedule messages for your social profiles.

Lilach BullockFounder at Lilach Bullock Ltd United Kingdom

Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies for some time now. However, when comes the time to scale social media campaigns for your clients, you need something extra. You simply can’t dominate social media without a great tool in your arsenal. We evaluated quite a few solutions before finalizing Konnect Insights. It’s one tool which helps in listening, analytics, publishing and response management hence it perfectly fits the bill for us.

Ashish MohanCEO at COG Digital

The biggest advantage we see with using Konnect Insights is the hands-on approach of the team. They have taken into account our requirements and included the same in their product development roadmap. The platform is easy to use and has added to our overall social intelligence, and we aim to use the data we have to provide impactful insights to our clients.

GD PrasadSenior Account Director at Dentsu Webchutney

After scouting for a number of options, our team finally zeroed in on Konnect Insights. The coverage of the tool is excellent and the monthly conversations that we used to track increased from 10k to 50k for our brand. As an agency this helped us a lot as we could report well to our client. The analytics and dashboards are very detailed and helps us manage everything in one tool.

Inderjit Singh MatharuChief Operating Officer

The most important things I look for in a piece of software is a) does it do what I need it to do & b) is it intuitive. I can happily say Konnect Insights ticks both boxes. I was able to jump straight in and start using the platform easily, without any training. One of my favourite features is the 'assets library' where we can store and tag all our assets and collaborate seamlessly.

Kye HushSenior Consultant at Tangram Consutling

Konnect Insights has been a very helpful 360-degree tool for our marketing and customer support teams. It helped understand the current market sentiments towards our brand and to create effective strategies around it. The best feature of this tool would be their Reports Dashboard that has a vast variety of data charts that can be used to create reports and presentations whenever needed.

Maria CarvalhoAssociate Manager Marketing at Cuemath

Konnect Insights is proving to be essential to my job - right from getting exhaustive coverage for my clients to being able to manage their reputation by responding to customer queries. Most importantly I find it to be intuitive, so if there is anything that I haven't been shown I can generally figure it out for myself. It is the best software of its kind that I have ever used."

KeithMarketing & Social Media Manager at Tangram Consulting

We have a seamless integration between Konnect Insights and Freshdesk. This gives us the ability to provide excellent coverage to our clients when it comes to social data. The queries coming on social media and web can be easily pushed into Freshdesk thus giving us a single view of the customer across the systemns

Eric BohrenSr Director, Global Technology Partners and Marketplace at Freshworks