Konnect Facebook - Konnect Insights - An omni-channel customer experience management platform

Konnect Facebook

Learn from your audience, interact them and take good care of
your customers and your brand’s reputation.


Know what is happening on Facebook with regards to your brand, your competition, your industry, anything and everything that is relevant to you on-top of it.

All your Facebook conversations in one place

Engage with Posts, comments, tag posts, inbox messages, review and more.

Monitor Relevant Facebook Trends

Use search queries to fetch conversations and discover opportunities to engage and influence.


Let your customers know you care by ensuring that you understand and respond to them in a timely manner. Ensure your brand is customer-centric.

Have an efficient response management process

Easily identify tag, filter, assign and respond to public posts and even private conversations such as Inbox messages for timely resolution.

Prioritize important conversations

Use alerts and indicators to quickly identify important conversations and address them efficiently while constantly monitoring your ORM efforts.


Optimise all the conversations you track through detailed and advanced analytics. Enhance your presence and performance with insights-driven strategies.

Benchmark your performance

Get paid and organic insights for multiple pages to measure growth, understand engagement and improve performance.

Know what is working for you

Measure your content behaviour through advanced KPIs and dig into analytics with actionable and visually appealing dashboards.


Seamlessly manage all your Facebook pages right from posting to scheduling to creating campaigns. Engage better with your audience.

Post engaging content

Plan, create and publish/schedule posts that are engaging with a centralized and collaborative content calendar.

Check your communication

Ensure brand-agency collaboration with approval-rejections workflows so that the right message is communicated to your audience.

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