Konnect Assets - Konnect Insights - An omni-channel customer experience management platform

Konnect Assets

Integrate all your brand assets that are customer touchpoints, to track
and measure information related to your brand for better insights

Listening & Responding

Know how, when and why your audience is reacting to your brand’s presence and its’ offerings.

Monitor all your customer touchpoints

Track valuable information from all your brand’s assets and its own channels, such as the following:
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Appstore & Playstore
  • Google Business
  • Website analytics
  • Google Ads

Track competition

Get information that is relevant to your competition on the Appstore and leverage that knowledge to align your strategies.

Efficiently respond to your customers

Ensure a customer-first approach by having an efficient response management process in place for customers reaching out to you via email or SMS or app reviews.


Get a deeper understanding into all the conversations that are tracked in the tool through advanced analytics. Enhance your brand’s customer loyalty.

Check your reputation

Monitor customer conversation on your brand assets based on the data tracked in the tool to craft better communication and response strategies.

Know your brand’s influence

Go deeper into the reasons influencing you customers’ behaviour and feedback based on various KPIs and parameters, to come up with better campaigns for outreach and brand building.

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